‘_Medicare Advantage_ a misnomer | The Journal Gazette

Taxpayers foot bill for private insurance to inadequately cover seniors’ health care

Jonathan D. Walker

America has a split personality when it comes to health care. There is recognition that the government has to provide care for the people, but there is a conflicting sense that private industry has to be involved because it can somehow be more efficient. Medicare Advantage is the upshot of this thinking – but the result has been a lot of taxpayer dollars wasted on windfall payouts to private insurance companies.

With Medicare Advantage, the government is basically paying private insurance companies more money to do what Medicare could be doing more cheaply and more efficiently in the first place – if we as citizens asked it to. A lot of this extra money is not used to help the people Medicare is supposed to be helping.

via ‘_Medicare Advantage_ a misnomer | The Journal Gazette.


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